Monday, October 6, 2008

the MAC DADDY will make you jump jump

I'm in Boise, playing on my Dad's mac. I love the photobooth, so fun. Yes, I should be in school, diligently making art, but a girl's gotta get away once in a while. I loaded up on vintage photos, REI fleece pants, whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, home-made peach jam, Ruby's soft kissable cheek, Ivy's exclamations, and other goodies while I've been here...thanks family!
Back to school tomorrow, blah.

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galen said...

Emily you look like a thug...right on. Also, the antique store in Ellensburg I went to =ed no photos. I looked and looked. I'm sorry. I did, however, see some jars Campbell would like. But I didn't buy them. I'll still be looking for photos for you.