Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Ma

My sisters always outdo me, they posted some really heartwarming birthday blogs, but we can never say enough about this fabulous woman. Happy Birthday Mom! This is the lady who used to draw little faces on cardboard then glue it on a popsicle stick for me to play with. I would take naps with her when I was 4 and she EVEN let me wrap my little legs around hers (I KNOW she thought it was annoying, but she let me.) When I'm lucky, she lets me in on her personal time of morning jogs and bike-rides. When I had just gotten home from my mission and had no clothes (and was really stingy) she took me shopping and bought me nice clothes. She still buys me nice clothes. Last Christmas she humored me by going with me to the free-trade-fair-game-green-and-bio-everything+hippy chocolate factory in Seattle. She is a steady friend, and a mother with unconditional love for all her children. When you talk with her on the phone, you REALLY DO feel like you're an only child. Happy Birthday!and what about all those dang buns she had to bobby pin in place in a mad rush before dance practice? Can I ever thank you enough Mom?


Lfoxy said...

can't have a video at the apartment without andrew's music playing chris brown in the background. isn't our mom da best?:)

debfox said...

Oh, Emily. Thank you for the tribute. Now, what I really want to know is this: have you forgiven me for your Dutch boy haircuts in kindergarten, giving away your special blankie to Lauren, and making you endure a painful frenulum-cutting procedure to stop your stuttering as a pre-schooler?