Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Chelsea Dear!

This week my friend and roommate turned a sweet 23! We celebrated with a birthday supper, which was supposed to be green enchiladas, rice and beans, etc. That plan terminated when I turned the wrong burner on and a glass pan exploded all over the stove top and into the chicken and green sauce. bummer. It turned into a pizza party after that. (I can't say "pizza party" without feeling a little of the enthusiasm and excitement of a fourth grader at Ruth Livingston Elementary.) Happy 23 to Chelsea!

Also, Rhett and I worked on some new tunes. I'll keep you posted for when we get a record label, ha ha.
Here we are trying NOT to have double chins.


Amanda said...

Your comment about the excitement of the words "pizza party" made me smile. So true! 4th graders' happiness is easily bought. Rhett is a cool name. I conjure up Gone With the Wind images, and of course, a suave guy. Oh, and the secret to no double chins is actually putting your chin down further, and putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth. :)

debfox said...

Loved the darkish, avant garde pictures of you and Chelsea, Emily. I wish I could have been there for the fun and cupcakes.