Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tutu How To

Here is the ballet costume I sewed yesterday for my art project!

How to make a ballet tutu: (great for children and over-sized children like me)

1. sew a piece of thick elastic together to make a waistband the size of the waist you wish to furnish with a tutu.
2. go to the craft store, look in the wedding section, buy the kind of tulle that comes on a roll (it's about 6 inches wide).
3. cut the tulle into strips about 20 inches long.
4. double knot the individual strips of tulle around the waistband, so the tails of the knot form a skirt. Repeat until the skirt is full. Trim it if it's too long.
5. if that didn't make sense, call or e-mail me. Enjoy!


Chief Momma said...

This has to be my favorite post of yours to date. You are hilarious.

Jackie said...

You make a lovely ballerina. And you make a lovely tu tu.

Amy said...

I really like your outfit. Maybe someday I'll have to make that tutu for emi.

C.Family said...

Love it! I think I need one. It would look really good right now with my pregnant belly handing over it.

Julie in the studio said...

Wesley is looking over my shoulder as I scroll down your blog, and upon this picture, he gasps and says, "BEAUTIFUL!".
So that is what the almost 4 year-old boy says (and me too.)