Monday, February 2, 2009

Basement Band, Ballet, etc.

These are basically my creative projects these days. Electron Deception has 2 concerts this month: the 13th at Muse Music and the 28th at the Pennyroyal cafe, both in Provo. Also, look for me this Friday at Provo's artwalk, I'll be showing some etchings at Music Music! I'll post pictures later so you can feel like you were there.
p.s. it's written somewhere, in some kind of contract that every artist has to got through a leotard and tights phase, male or female, doesn't matter. I'm working through mine right now, obviously.

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lissalynn said...

wow em you look beautiful! like a sugar plum fairy. its so great to hear that you are finding an outlet for all those creative juices floating around in side of you! keep on rockin, and twirling!