Wednesday, March 24, 2010

for the foodies :)

Laura made this delicious chocoflan pastel to accompany a delicious cream of broccoli soup (recommended to me by Sarah), we also dined on Ruth Wilson's rolls (even with some whole wheat flour, and 1% milk instead of whole, they were delish) and for health's sake, or as an excuse to eat nuts, cheese, and berries there was spinach salad, it was all sooo good. I wish every day was like this.
the lovebirds, Laura and Chad...they make me happy :)
The rolls, with shiny buttery tops
Dinner. Clay and I, sorry for the blur. Today: I met with my graduate committee and "defended" my thesis (means we sat in an office and talked about my exhibit for an hour). Then I spent the afternoon leisurly cooking with Emily M., Laura, and Chelsea. Emily did yoga postures while I formed rolls. She said the ujjayi breathing was most delicious when done in a kitchen with bread baking in the oven. The friends came, the food was consumed, guitars were played and songs sung, followed by games and communal dish washing. I feel so content. Partly because of the delicious food, but mostly because of the way good relationships with people are "nutrients to the soul. " You could say "chicken soup for the soul" if you really wanted to be gaggy.

Here is where I insert a snazzy quote about how love is the staff of life (when you thought it was bread). I keep thinking about the counselor I saw last year, we were talking about binge eating, and he told me to include a friend in that activity - not to drag them down with me, but to have a conversation with them, talk about how our days went, to show that we care about each other, he said it would help satisfy my need for food AND the more important need to feel loved. It seems about right. :)


Deb said...

clay is so cute. you should date him.

Lindsay, Shaun, and Enoch Weldon said...

He is an untamed Horse and cannot be riden for long. (You know--from your horse drawing years...)

Deb said...

I liked your post. I like that you do good things and have good friends. I am glad your defense is over. That just doesn't sound fun. Maybe it was. Whenever I have to defend myself, I am on the...well...defensive.

lissalynn said...

so glad that you have some wonderful friends to keep you company and cozy.