Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Whit-dog!

I think the "Whit-dog" comes from Whitney's varsity basketball days, when she was always the smart, pretty, and athletic one in the family. She still is, only she has added volleyball, craftastic-ness, ability to find cool stuff in every junk pile, mother, chef, and pop star (see above photo) to her repertoire of talents. The guestbed in her house is always clean, the expensive and fragrant shampoos are in the shower, and the candy is in the cupboard next to the microwave.
Whitney has an eye for detail; she garnishes everything: Christmas hams, party tables, packages in the mail, hairbows. I love getting pom-poms, yarn bows, and tiny plastic figurines on all the presents she gives me.

Whit- Happy Birthday! Thanks for: letting me cry all the time, being the creative director and editor of my paper, lending me treasures for my art show, supporting me in all my endeavors, and for being such a sister-friend. Love you!

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