Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It's done. My website is done! Most everything on there is for purchase, you can check out the etsy shop off the "about" link, or just e-mail me with inquiries. Enjoy!
p.s. about this new drawing, I call it "Barbara and the Airplanes." I drew it from intuition, "I dunno, airplanes flying around some lady's head seems right." Tonight the epiphany came: the airplanes represent change; embarking on new adventures. My dreams have been really weird lately, change is in the air. I am graduating soon and it's freaking me out on one hand, the calm side of me says it will all work out, but the other side is losing it. Also, once you are in the air, you can either have a catastrophic crash landing, or a smooth one. There isn't any other way down, this isn't science folks, just facts. I'm just saying there are always risks involved, that's all. That's what the airplanes are: risks.

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lissalynn said...

i really like the new drawing, especially when i knowing about the airplanes or risks. ya know i used to ALWAYS get nervous and anxious when i flew, but not with the takeoff, with the landing. always worried the plane would spin out of control and crash, but eric looked at me once and said, "you never really hear about a plane crashing when it lands, just when taking off" so the easy part is over and chances are in your favor for a smooth landing. plus youve got a pretty rad pilot behind the wheel. good luck with all the big life changes, i say you should prolly dye your hair red or something.