Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bread baked.

"James and Darryl"
 I followed my Mom's directions for delicious whole wheat bread, and it did not turn out light and airy like hers. My kitchenaid refused to cooperate in kneading this bread, grunting and groaning before shorting out, the dough too dense and thick. Here are the two "normal" looking brother loaves (James and Darryl, if they had names), below is the weird Quasimodo-like brother of the family (Cedric). He could be used as a weapon in like manner to how Mario uses a turtle shell. This loaf also reminded me of the part in About a Boy, when Marcus is feeding ducks from a hearty homemade loaf his depressed and fuzzy- sweater-wearing-mom made, he is shown trying to rip off bite size pieces, when in frustration he throws the whole loaf into the pond, hitting the nearest duck and taking it's life. 


Jim/Blog said...

compared to all bread-related happenings at our house, those are masterpieces.

lissalynn said...

i love this post