Monday, May 16, 2011

happy b day sarah schuller, my sis

Three cheers for the girl who bakes the best cookies!
Three cheers for the girl who brings us more cute children to the planet!
Three cheers for my life-style nutrition coach!
My therapist, sister, original pepper-partner (sorry Lolo, she was first), chocolate dipper, skinny dipper, athlete, math tutor (I never would have graduated high school w/out her) cook, crafter, sewer, and business mastermind!

That is too many cheers to write out, but I'm saying them audibly. right now.

some of her delightful offspring

she's the blondie in the middle, blue pant suit

here she is- teaching me how to make chocolates!

Sarah touts a lot of the brains and talent in the family. I always thought she was going to be an architect, design interior spaces, run some kind of business (catering?), but she spends her time designing little Travis's and a Lucy, as well as running a daily catering service to her family. When I see the pictures on her blog of the delicious food she's made and her little ones are eating it, I always think, "She's serving that to a three year old?!! They can't possibly appreciate that fine cuisine!!" Sarah always gives her best, no matter what.

Hope your birthday is a dream come true Sarah! Love you!

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