Sunday, May 27, 2012

New House!

We've spent the last few days in a whirlwind of sorting, packing, loading, unloading, etc. We found a new 2 bedroom rental house that seems to fit our needs better. Geoff is showing off how large our kitchen is in the first photo (there definitely wasn't room for leg lifts in our last kitchen.) These last two pictures show the only thing I'd improve upon: our house is overtaken by wild foliage, nothing my mom can't handle on a weekend visit. We feel like we are living in a hotel now and especially appreciate our new home- but only because we lived in a tiny and cramped 1907 constructed house, complete with a cramped and moldy bathroom, and an awkward floor plan due to generations of weird updates and renovations. I'm glad we had that time in our last house so we can appreciate this new home so much more!


Carrie Jacks said...

It's beautiful, Emily! Our last house was one that you couldn't do leg lifts in the kitchen, so I know how exciting it is to upgrade.

Deb said...

I finally found your blog again and put it on my desktop. Yay! So nice to read your updates and see the photos. I really like your new home! Your boys are adorable. Even when making funny faces.