Sunday, August 12, 2012


 I knew I was getting old when all I wanted on my birthday from Geoff were some projects finished. He cleaned the car, hung the curtain rods, changed the old nasty toilet seat with a nice white one, and also bought me a frisbee, gardening gloves, chocolates, flowers, and a nice dinner on historic 25th street.
 The pictures of the house show the rug, curtains, and pillows my Mom and Whitney gave me. I am liking my new cozy house, more and more. I also will mention, that Whitney took me to super tasty Thai restaurant in Boise, Erin let me out of a loan I owed her, Sarah made me a beautiful card and lip balm, and my parents bought me a much-coveted Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. Not to mention all the facebook well wishes and texts I received that day. Thanks to all for a fantastic birthday!
new old curtains
new curtains and rug

new pillows

 The thirty year old herself.


Whitney said...

Looks great, Em! Happy 30th! Yesterday when we were looking at pictures of the reunion, Grandpa said, "That Emily's a looker, eh?!" True dat.

Love you.

Lindsay said...

Pretty Pretty girl! Such a cute little house. I can tell you're the designer because it reminds me of many of your rooms in Bellingham... when you were single...and had to convince roommates to let you put up up art.

Couple of questions:
1) Is your bed a Full size? It looks small...(the better to snuggle in my dear).

2) Why's Mr. King using a HAMMER on a porcelain toilet? (dangerous measures....) Was the old seat rusted on?

3) Where were your chocolates from?

Happy 30th Em!