Saturday, August 11, 2012

McCall, Boise, Odgen

 McCall was exceptionally beautiful this year. We all had  blast at the Bruneel Reunion.
 This is how Asher looked most of the time. It's amazing how a few elements: water and sand, provide hours of enjoyment.

 baby ted. or "Super Ted" as Asher, Annika, and Geoffrey called him.

 We had such a fun time in McCall and Boise and count our blessings that this wasn't our house! Remember how I last posted a pink baby blanket? It was for our neighbors, whose house is pictured below. The baby came on Monday, and the house burned down on Wednesday. Read all about it here.

Lastly, here is family photo that I think captures us all very well. I love my family and am grateful for them. I was standing outside today, talking to my neighbor whose house burned down, and probably saying stupid things- what can you say to a man who has lost everything? He told us how the neighbors and community have donated so many things to his family that he had to rent a storage unit, and that the Relief Society was bringing dinner to their hotel. It indicates to me that there is a lot of love and compassion left in the world. Phew!


Lindsay said...

Whoa! Those pictures of McCall took me back to my childhood summers in McCall visiting my grandparents. The lake still looks the same...the sand looks the same.

Crazy about your neighbors! Hope they're okay and had insurance.

So, that picture of your family-- in between poses or pre-ANY pose-- is so uncomfortable for me to look at (perhaps some of your artistic aesthetic?). That's not how I view any of your family or you! It's just a funny in between....I would hope everyone isn't worn down that much from children.

Miss ya! We live in Pullman, that's close to Idaho... (8 miles away from Moscow).

Emily Fox King said...

ha ha Linds! You crack me up. the children do wear us all down sometimes. :) I love the Pullman area, so beautiful. I'm glad you live there, I would love to come up. Next Spring it may fit the budget and time frame. Love you! Thanks for commenting

Lindsay said...

Cool! Please do. I'll have a bunch of hugs for you!