Saturday, September 1, 2007

Great Expectations

PMA: Positive Mental Attitude. (Sarah taught me about the power of the PMA.) I'm here in Provo and mostly moved in. Last night I had dreams of myself inconsolably crying and throwing a temper tantrum with much emotion. In today's afternoon slumber I saw she-lions pursuing and killing their prey. It's either my scripture study of Jeremiah or my nerves acting up.
There are two things I did not anticipate about my future: 1. That my rented room is in the basement- I can touch the ceiling of my room, it has a small prison-like window in the center of the room, there is a small hobbit sized door for a closet. I call it Carthage Jail. 2. That I have to make lesson plans for the 100 level drawing class I am teaching this semester- I almost had a heart attack when the art secretary told me I had to outline and plan my drawing class for the semester. Don't they have some kind of quality control? How do they know I'm going to teach proper drawing techniques? What if I just focus the whole semester on drawing lipizzaner stallions? (That would be be ok with me.) Anyways, to conclude this entry: EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT (PMA).


Whitney said...

Unbelievable about the outlines--I'm sure you'll figure it out. You always do! Bummer, though! I'm glad you made it safe to Provo.

WorkingGirl said...

Emily---it's Chelsea. Thanks for helping us move in. It was great to see you....and your wonderful dress. So about the whole PMA thing--maybe I should give that a try. Moving makes me cry too, actually I've been crying for two straight weeks now. I'm in Seattle and it's raining/misting--enjoy the sunshine in Utah.

Anonymous said...

You've got the right stuff.