Saturday, September 29, 2007

Recent works

In my beginning drawing class we are currently working on "rendering" using a grid system(groan). I remember doing a rendering assignment with Brother Parson at Ricks College, back in the day. I HATED it. Rendering is drawing with pencil or charcoal and you have to go really slowly and fill in all the values with the point of your pencil, meaning there is no smudging allowed. It is painstakingly slow. My students kind of hate me for it. Oh well. We watched a film on Chuck Close and got inspired for this type of portraiture.

I also finished this quick study portrait of a lady who had a bunch of puffy white flowers on her head, and she was also holding a boquet of puffy white flowers. funny. I can't imagine having something so large and puffy on my head, can you?


debfox said...

Large and puffy, hmmm. I've been known to wear fruit and veggies on my head (me and Carmen) but I haven't tried large and puffy. Maybe in a month. Interesting artwork, Emily. I like to see what you're up to in your 'artsy, fartsy' studio.

foxyloxy said...

Liked both works very much. I'm hoping your artistic nature is genetic.