Sunday, September 23, 2007

Love is in the air

My on-going project is typing up the letters that my Grandmother Mossie (Gracie) wrote to my Grandfather. I'm still in 1942. Goodness, wasn't she sweet?!! The letters are full of sweet and tender longings, adorations, and subtle hints at marriage. That woman knew what she wanted. As all I have are her letters to him, I wonder what he wrote back to her, was he just as mesmerized by her as she by him? I stumbled upon this Easter telegram from Stacy to Gracie, eNJOY. Like most telegrams, it doesn't say much, but it does show how thoughtful he was.


S. F. S. said...

Em, I didn't know you had Mossie and Papa's letters. How cool! Are you compiling a book of them?

hermanfox said...

yeah, i'm just going to bind them together somehow. really simple!
something to look forward to. :)