Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Latest Lithographs

A series of monotypes (rather Warhol-like, eh?) below you can see my process

This last one is the most recent "Losing My Mind."


debfox said...

I like your monotypes.

S. Schuller said...

I LOVE these. Especially the one of the Marilyn-esque lady with the primary colors on it. So cool. Thinking of selling any in the shop? I love it.

lissalynn said...

nice work em. very warhol esque but with a fox twist. like an vintage warhol. love it. eric and i were just talking about warhol... he wanted to know what the big deal was and why hes so special. have you been into warhol lately?

Lindsay said...

As always, I stand in awe of your artistic prowess.

PS I miss hanging out with you. It's been far too long.

Julie in the studio said...

Emily. The dark one: Very sad and heavy. The hope of a little house with a little yard and a little family looming over the "happy face". I like the piece very much, but you miss-titled it.
We need to talk. Will you please call me?