Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh my sweetness!

We begin this post with a confection given to me by my roommate Chelsea (pictured above "eying" a sucker). I regret to say that I ate the whole cupcake today. I only regret that there are no more, I do not regret that I ate it, it was sooo tasty. They are currently for sale across the street from my house at the Beehive Bazaar. Go get your own!

The second group of confections shown are some suckers that I made, for suckers (actually they're for a class I'm in.) Some of them have hair mixed with colorful nonpareils in them. Some contain advice for women like, don't "lean heavily upon a man's arm" and, do "make tender statements to your children." Some of the suckers have doll parts in them. They were fun to make, and would be disgusting to eat.

The third confection I'm showcasing is only available for a limited time. It is baby Miles. He will not always be a newborn, but isn't he so tasty and sweet looking right now? Oh my Sweetness!


S. Schuller said...

Awh, he is sweet isn't he? That kid's dad must be pretty good looking just like he is (Travis told me to say that). Em, your suckers turned out so cute. What a great artsy application to something so ordinary. I am envious of that cupcake you ate. Tell Chelsea to get us one too! :)

debfox said...

Oh my goodness! Okay. Two things. No three. 1. The salt flats sound like an amazing place. 2. Suckers for suckers, eh? You never cease to amaze me, Emily, with your interesting twists on creativity. And, 3. gimme that He has changed so much! I gotta get myself out to Cleveland before I turn around and he's dating girls.

lissalynn said...

how SWEET! oh how i miss our sweetness emily fox. especially the baked variety.