Sunday, December 7, 2008

Salty Sea

On Saturday G and I ventured out west to the Bonneville Salt Flats. After walking around the flats for a while and doing a photo shoot (G is working on his photography portfolio) we then drove the car out onto the flats and drove fast, for a long time, still never arriving ANYWHERE. That place is the definition of desolate. As the car skimmed across the crusty flats the salt glittered like sparkly diamonds, crushed china, break-away glass shattered on pavement, or the luminescent plankton in the Bellingham Bay (take your pick of metaphors). Then we drove through the small town of Wendover and wondered at the large casinos sticking out like boulders in a flood plain across the landscape. We ended our visit in Nevada/western Utah with tacos at a taco truck stationed next to the road near a Pizza Hut. A Good Day.


lissalynn said...

what an artsy fartsy fantastic day!

Erin said...

that looks great em. i had a teacher at calarts who built a radio tower in wendover (i think thats where). the salt flats are so iconic.