Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Highway One

So last week was spent with Julie, Lissa, and myself riding down Highway 101 in Oregon, beginning in Astoria and terminating in Newport. People would ask about our trip and how we know each other, I didn't realize what a sweet story we had: "We are old college friends and now live all over, but we came together to do this ride on the 101." People were touched. An even sweeter bond is that we are all art teachers and we have all lived in the same blue house in Bellingham.

cannon beach antics
 I still don't understand what was going on in this picture.
 Julie, looking cool with the ocean behind her on one of our many and frequent "snack stops."

even when you are camping, there is still time for gourmet cupcakes.
Newport Marina
Lissa and Julie, on a cold and windy evening at the beach.
Lastly, I got home from Oregon in time to celebrate my birthday with my family. I actually made the cake because after a week of no cooking or creating anything I really felt like baking a cake. It was delicious and I got to put my Bolivian quincinera girl on top of it. The best part about my birthday this year was the nieces and nephews: they blew out all my candles, opened the presents for me, and swarmed me with attention and affection. Everything really is more exciting with little ninos around. I love how excited they get about birthdays, even for their ancient 28-year-old aunties.