Saturday, August 21, 2010

Visiting old haunts

I went to Muse Music in Provo this weekend. I watched my "guitar teacher" Josh (he is tuning his guitar, kneeling) perform with his band, "Until Further Notice." I think I'm supposed to make a pun about the band's name at this point, but it's too late at night to think that hard. The music was really loud and what I call "guy" music: killer guitar parts, lots of "ooohhhs" and harmonized choruses. Punchy drums. They played very well together and had a lot of energy. Muse Music has a special hold on me, Schmaltzy and Stars of Leo played there multiple times...good memories.


Lfoxy said...

you were the shining star of that place, muse music. in fact, you were the STAR of leo, needless to say. you're a star.

Jim/Blog said...

And don't forget, Electron Deception also played there, whilst you were in the band! Also, I love muse music.