Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday night shake down

Emily: I want something more tonight. I want some social interaction.
Lauren: You should blog about it.
Emily: No, I don't want to blog about how lame I am.

Blogs are a chance to create whatever version of yourself you want (the above photo portrays me in my summer attire and life on Martha's Vineyard where I'm about to drink a glass of freshly squozen lemonade, pick wild blackberries and build sandcastles on the beach with 2 gorgeous Labradors running in the waves). Blogs allow you to brand yourself; it's like making your own magazine, TV show, or line of designer furniture. Thus far I try to make myself look interesting, cool, smart and pretty, also that I do brave things. But really, we all know that I'm grouchy in the mornings, my hair is graying, I am not as slim as the pictures portray taken with a "high eye level" and at a close focus (it just shaves the edge of your body right off the picture plane) and Lissa knows I'm always the last in the water. Perhaps this goes without saying, that blogs are a chance to create an alternate version of your life.

An update from the more true to life version of myself: I am still searching for a job, I have 2 friends that live in Boise which are both out of town right now (aside from family), I have acne sometimes, and I spend a lot of time internally conflicted, yet I am receiving mountains of blessings and goodwill continually showers down on me. Side note (a plea for attention, from you- the reader): someone today at church asked if I had been riding on a motorcycle last week, I felt cool saying "yes, it was me you saw."


Paula said...

I LOVE THIS POST! I am not sure that I totally agree, because I think that I am an open book, but I love how candid you are here. You are awesome, lady, don't forget. Even if you are boring sometimes.

Lfoxy said...

gf, if only all the boys in B-town could see how cool you are. They would be all over that. Sadly, you are around me all the time and therefore, people cross you off the list just as they do me because of "the little one." Maybe we should take a break.

Lindsay, Shaun, and Enoch Weldon said...

You know, I need some art for my walls, if you come to B-ham, you can do a consult...spend the night, go home or stay, make some art....put it on my walls...and I will underpay you for your work--because I'm poor.

Sound like fun? Let me know. :)

Wendi said...

Emily, you will always be one of my favorite people. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to convince you to come visit me in Connecticut. I miss Foxes.

Julie in the studio said...

When are you coming through Louisiana?

Richelle said...

You rock! I am so glad you are so REAL!! It is refreshing. Methinks it is time to make a batch o' cookies or some wedding cake. Maybe when the big kids get into school? GOOD TIMES AHEAD!! :) Love ya!