Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Evening Thoughts

Listening to Pandora right now (Avett Brother's station), it's a rainy, gray and very overcast Wednesday evening. I should not have ordered Girl Scout cookies from a cute little first grader at my school. I have already eaten about ten today, how can something so small and delicious be so bad? I think they should change the product and packaging of Girl Scout Cookies. It should just be Girl Scout Cookie. singular. One big huge Samoa cookie would be a better, more honest serving. They are not the kind of cookies people share anyways, they are hidden in the cupboard with the pots and pans. Eating many cookies is probably not much worse than eating a piece of cheese cake, or a donut, but the fact that I ate about ten makes me feel like a warthog, if I had eaten just ONE rather large cookie I would have gotten it over with quickly. Adding to this "pumba" feeling, I went to Turbo-Kick class tonight at the gym. Before class I felt sleek and healthy, pearly white skin, ruddy cheeks, cute curly hair. Why does the jumping, punching and kicking, which over time as I get more exhausted in the class lead to the plain old jiggling of my body fat, make me feel worse in the end?

Anyways, I'm fighting a head cold, daylight savings time, and discouragement. Tomorrow is another day: Hakuna Matata... means no worries for the rest of your's not so bad being a warthog I guess. There are worse things.


Carrie said...

We just had girl scout cookies for breakfast! So yummy, but now I'm regretting it.

lissalynn said...

either way you look at it a whole plate of brownies has got to be worse... but i just cant help myself... they are so good! i could keep eating them but i think this post is telling me i should stop. its such an ordeal to make them here that i dont want anyone else to eat them and i know they will be covered in ants by the morning... does this sound like rationalizing... did i mention im on my pyramid too so that counts for somthing... but i guess in the end its never fun to feel like a warthog... even if you most definately are NOT one. i love you girl.