Wednesday, March 23, 2011

!Feliz Cumple, Hermana Whitney!

This may very well be the picture I posted last year on Whitney's birthday, I just can't let her live it down I guess. :0

How could you not wish this woman bounteous birthday wishes? She was such a star sister in my "formidable" teenage years and through the years she has only shined brighter and brighter. Erin and I are constantly talking about all the nice things we have from Whitney: cute cards throughout our house, an adorable niece and 2 nephews, good recipes, polyester shirts, SASS shoes (that would be Erin), figurines and trinkets, cute cupcake liners, not to mention all the good conversations and gems of wisdom we've heard throughout our lives having Whitney at the helm of the family.  

Just today I was walking down the halls of my school, eating a cookie that the PTA gave me, and remembering the time Whitney and I decorated the door of Ivy's classroom teacher, Whitney is such a creative cat, and uses her talents so freely to help lighten the load of everyone in her path with all the pleasant and aesthetic elements she brings.
Happy Birthday Whitney!

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Whitney said...

Hey thanks, Em. I kind of like how that picture makes me look like one of Molly Ringwald's bffs from a John Hughes movie. And if I'm at the helm of our family, we all better buckle up for a bumpy ride...but thanks for the homage. You are too sweet. And talk about talents--you're the one keeping that ship asail. But I'll take the compliment anyway. Love you!