Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fascinating Helen Update

We just came back from Los Angeles. While there we interviewed Dr. Dean Berry, Helen's brother, and last surviving immediate family member, we also interviewed Gilly, an FW teacher, and Irwin Zucker, Helen's publicity manager. Dean and Irwin are in their eighties. The interviews went well and as always, we learned more about the story of Helen and Fascinating Womanhood. We are now ready to begin the tedious editing process...also, maybe a trip to Japan. There are FW followers in Japan! JAPAN!
interviewing Dr. Berry
Erin and Dr. Berry
The filmmakers
Beautiful Santa Barbara and Erin
Wouldn't be a complete trip without a visit to Beverly Hills and Sprinkles!
Moises, Cubby, and Erin
Erin and Cubby have always had an interesting way of manifesting their friendship
At the Los Angeles County Museum with Chris Burden's lovely sculpture installation

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The Tom and Donna Johnson Family said...

Who is Helen and why are you researching her?