Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday to John Fox!

Yes, for my Dad's birthday I bought him an Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. I knew he'd been wanting one for a long time. With my high paying job, I could finally afford to buy him one. To my Dad: Thanks for all your generosity, love, and counsel through the years. I love all the adventures we've had together, and hope for many more.  You're so fearless, generous, kind and brave. Happy Birthday Dad, hope you enjoy the weinermobile!

It was so fun having my parents, Andrew and Melanie in town for the weekend. We enjoyed Music and the Spoken Word, eating out, shopping, and seeing the sights of SLC. Today, this little ballerina and her mama showed up, first things first, we put on ensembles...who knows what else we'll end up doing.

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lissalynn said...

is your dad texting in the taberbnacle? and ruby is precious in the tutu, but i think i prefer seeing you as the ballerina.