Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh Life!

More home videos... It was when Leslie died, and Mom had flown to Idaho to say goodbye to her. So Dad was home that day with Lauren and filming her while she played with Mom's high heels. Funny how I remember feeling totally out of control. First because I'm clutching Sarah so tightly as she is the one "directing" the horse around. Secondly, Topper is the one doing all the "directing," and as happened many a time when Sarah and I would ride Topper together, we would end up on the lawn screaming we wanted off because Topper was just standing there grazing on the lawn, ignoring our attempts to pull his head up and get moving. You can see the impertinance in his wily eyes.
This is Jennifer (Henry) Fielding and myself in our first debut performance together. We were the most handsome grasshoppers to ever exist, because when you think about a grasshopper, they have bulgy eyes, knobby knees, and long skinny limbs= UGLY. Not us though.


Lfoxy said...

i still love mom's wardrobe and shoes--some things never change.

debfox said...

you have a ballerina's natural grace emily. after you get your artist's master, you should go back for your dance degree.