Tuesday, January 22, 2008

from such great heights: back in the saddle...again.

If you've never ridden a horse, this is the view from the saddle. I rode a quarterhorse named "Lincoln," while my friend Renae rode his brother, "Colby." We look very stationary in the photos, but really, we rode fast and furious.

These are two little arabians that looked so cute and fuzzy in their winter coats. Hooray for horses! (this is the locket I used to wear with pictures of Jane and Blue in it, "keeping them close to my heart.")


S. Schuller said...

I forgot about that locket..how neat that you wore that! The horseriding looks fun and what a great thing to do in the snow. I like your bangs and hair-do. Great job Sister Cherrington and Sutton!

Whitney said...

Em, thanks for posting the pictures. I love that it was a return to your childhood. And that locket....what a treasure! And yes, please send any artwork my way! I would love it!