Saturday, January 5, 2008

Missing Seattle...

i miss the frye art museum. it's always free admission!
(i always miss my mom) we ate at McCormick and Schmicks. i miss good seafood. (i guess) i never thought i'd ever say that. i'm just trying to go along with the themed blog entry. me!
of course i miss anna (pictured with novio maurice). she lives and plays scrabble in seattle now.


S. Schuller said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of Seattle. It looks like alot of fun. I will show Finn that truck shot when he gets up tomorrow morning. Those chocolates look delectable!

jfx56 said...

great pics, emily. it sure was fun hanging out with you in the big S. glad you made it home (can I call your little dungeon "home"? Take some pictures of it before you move. Hope it works out for you to sell your contract.