Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Facts of Life

This came off the press today. I dedicate this print to Lissa Ward because it's about menstruation. Lissa made an artist book about moon cycles and other cycles. This piece relates to that, as it is printed on a tide chart that I found in an old abandoned warehouse in Bellingham. Lissa and friends were with me at the time that we found the tide chart. A couple months later the warehouse burnt down to the ground. This piece also goes along with my current work as it has to do adolescence and notions of femininity. hmmm...hope it doesn't gross anyone out.


Erin said...

i really like this em. the tide chart is very cool. Go with it!

jfx56 said...

nice work, emily. it didn't gross me out until you explained it. your creative take on things never ceases to amaze me