Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Congregation

It was fun to create this piece. I call it "The Congregation." In the drawing class I teach we're going to try a new assignment based off the work of Henry Darger. We're going to watch bits of the film made about him, and then make some collage/tracings/paintings referencing his work. It should be fun. I enjoy getting to make up the assignments, finally! This painting was a practice for me to test out the assigment for my class.


Julie in the studio said...

A little Chagall in that red bird I think. Em, I truly love your work. Is that an empty shadow of a person looming behind everyone at the top? (Woah. that was kind of dark...the figure is much much lighter-feeling than how I put it.)

S. Schuller said...

Love it, Emily! I love this painting. It's brilliant and vintage-y and well-done. Thanks for posting.

debfox said...

Great stuff, emily.

Lindsay said...

I must admit, I am in awe of your work. I wish that I had as much artistic talent as you have in the tip of your nose.
Also this: I keep coveting the "So Pretty" jacket, but never have my card with me when I look at it, so I haven't ordered it yet.
I hope I'm not too late... If I am, you will have to fill a special order.... :)
I heart you,


lissalynn said...

henry darger eh? we knew about him way before now.. hes oh so interesting. well i dont think this little box can contain my aew and amazement of your talent (or my envy) if i could only paint like life would be complete.
cant wait to see you soon!!!