Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Panoramic view of my room


this is for sarah, who wanted to see what my room looks like (i just moved, again. 3rd time in less than a year!) This little clip keeps cracking me up because i look so gross and scary. it's all about the camera angles folks. in one frame you're jennifer aniston and in another lyle lovett. (i'm always lyle after i've showered and my hair is a fro.)

P.S. Happy Birthday to Grandpa Bruneel and my pal Lissa! I love you both!


Julie in the studio said...

I am so happy to know someone as strange as you.

S. Schuller said...

Thanks for posting the panorama of your room. Did you have that exercise bike before? Lyle Lovett is cute!

debfox said...

I've been told I resembled various persons at various times in my life (usually due to the comparable prevailing hair-do):George Washington, Joseph Smith, and Dolly, the Cocker Spaniel. Fortunately, no one has accused me of having "kitty fur" for hair (Whitney).

lissalynn said...

wow your room is sooooo big! i didnt realize you had so many clothes. where did you get that picture of us? oh em... i cant wait to be in the same state as you. i need you to inspire me. we can make art together! miss you!