Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Variety Show

This weekend I met up with Beddes in SLC. We ate Peruvian food, bought cheap t-shirts at Old Navy, and spent a long time driving around the Avenues looking for a chocolate/icecream parlor ran by midgets, says Beddes. I couldn't confirm that because it was closed when we finally found it. I'm glad herman Beddes still likes to hang out with me, even though I don't hardly remember any of the mission stories that she does, "hey fox, remember when we...." usually I don't. So we're making new memories. Let the good times roll.
These next pictures are items I recently bought at DI. I frequent the one in Provo often. The picture above is from an art book for children. I recently came home with a lunch box, brass pony, hand mirror, tracing paper, dust particulate masks, a white kitten and a 70's cake plate. I can't stop myself. I'm turning into my mother, and I don't think that's a bad thing.
This is the bookshelf I bought today at DI. It fits well in my kitchen.
Lastly: although I already have a million vintage dessert cookbooks, I NEEDED this one.


debfox said...

Simple pleasures are the best.

Lindsay said...

Next time I promise you midgets I will be sure to deliver.