Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother Dear

Mother dear I love you so,
Your happy smiling face
is such a joy to look at,
it makes home a lovely place!
Happy Mother's Day! My Mom is my greatest friend. I know lately I always end up crying when we talk on the phone, that is because she is such a good listener and counselor. I am always amazed at how my mom loves all of her seven children equally. I feel like she loves me most of all because she is so kind and giving to me, but I'm sure she'd give Andrew a pink sweater, vintage dress, or a new sewing machine, if he'd but say the word.
As my family has been in between moves between Idaho and Washington, I realize even more what my mom means to the family. It's sad to be at the house in Idaho and she's not there. She not only keeps the house tidy, the blankets folded, turns off the lights in the evening, but she makes my dad happy and completes our family. The little primary song rings true, "your happy smiling face...makes home a lovely place." I love you Mom!


debfox said...

Thank you, Emily. What a loving tribute to your Mom. I'd like to get to know that lady better.

Julie in the studio said...

Can I borrow your Mom? My mother's day was almost perfect... didn't get to talk to mine. Don't know where she is or what she's up to. I just left a message.........