Thursday, March 27, 2008

First Year Review

Part of being in the MFA program here at BYU includes a graduate review after your first year. I am to show all of what I've been working on during my first two semesters here to all of the art faculty. Tomorrow is the day, it shouldn't be too bad.


S. Schuller said...

Emily, you don't need it, but good luck and best wishes on your review! I know you'll do great. I always have people telling me how much they like your artwork, the stuff in my house. Thanks for sharing your work. It's always interesting and unique and so creative, just like you!

Whitney said...

My thoughts exactly, S. Love you, love your work Em.

C.Family said...

Good luck on your review. I love when you post your art! You can tell how much time and thought you put into each piece.