Monday, March 24, 2008

Getting Hitched.

Eric and Lissa, actually did it. They got married. Hooray! It seems like the impossible became possible. I lived through the whole drama leading up to it. I was actually with them on their first date. (why? Not sure why I didn't get the hint and leave them alone) We were dumpster diving behind Haggens grocery store on Bill Macdonald Parkway. Eric found some cake in a plastic clamshell and they were feeding it to each other, or something like that. They asked me if I wanted any. negative on that.
Hey, hey the gangs all here. don't be decieved by the sunshine, it was freezing cold that day.
Eric's father, sister, and mother.
Not the most flattering picture of us, but it's all I got. It was a beautiful wedding. Lissa was a real princess, she was even wearing make-up AND a bra. I will miss our friendship as single sisters dearly, but since I was already friends with Eric too, then it will be more fabulous to hang out with both of them, especially since they'll be in SLC this summer!


Chief Momma said...

Fox in Sox is Hot to Trot these days. Your equally hot momma just left my house. Who would have thought that when we were at Girls Camp years ago that your mom would be my visiting teacher.

Whitney said...

Oh, such fun! I love the way your sweater turned out! Congratulations to the lucky couple!

C.Family said...

Looks like you had a good time. You look nice in the green dress. Let me know how everything is going for you!

lissalynn said...

that was so much fun i am so glad you could be there em! Im glad our wedding could bring the crew back for a couple hours. thanks for halping with the cake. You looked great!