Monday, March 17, 2008

More musings in the gem state

I went to Rexburg with the Washingtons on Saturday for Parker's farewell talk. He leaves April 2nd for the Mexico City North Mission. Knowing many great Mexican people, and having been to Mexico City myself, I'm rather excited for Parker. Showing Grandma the mission map.

As Parker towers above me a goood foot, he came down to my level for the photo, he's going to be doing that a lot with the chaparritos in Mexico. (that's "short people" in espanish)

Taylor and Tav
On another note, it was WEIRD to be in Rexburg. I haven't been there in 6 years. I saw my old house and all the sidewalks I used to walk in the freezing cold. I remember after my swimming class my hair always froze on my way to my next class. Kori (Fish) Crowther and I used to live across the parking lot from each other, Sharae Howard lived around the corner. I used to run into Chelsea (Lybbert) in the library and women's locker room. Julie (Wright) Crews used to work at some natural foods store, and I'd go see her there and buy Dr. Bronner's Magical Hemp Soap. I went to Taco Time with Jim and the boys one time. I think Parker ordered a ChocoTaco, I always see that item on the menu, but that's the only time I've ever seen anyone order one. I also used to walk at night and pick up huge blocks of snow and then chuck them at peoples' doors and run away. (note: all those women I mentioned are married, weird. I'm the lone surviver of many of my friends, but not my mission companions, ha ha Beddes and...Beddes... you're the only I could think of. ok. not funny.)
I was talking to Grandpa about Rexburg, and the lonely yet sweet memories, the town holds for me. He showed me the hotel that he and Grandma stayed in after Lez died. We also drove past Jim and Lez's house, and saw where Alison lived across the street and would come over to help when Lez first got sick. It is awesome to see how life goes on, tough times come and we heal over. The Lord sustains us and blesses us. God is good.


debfox said...

Thanks for your entry, Emily. Yup. Life goes on. I wouldn't want to go back and I don't know what's in store for the future. I'll take the moment right now. I'm going jogging. life is short. Run

Lfoxy said...

emily, you look really pretty. i can't wait to hang out with you. you get to tell me all about your we listen to matt costa:)

Lindsay said...

Dear Herman,
You look absolutely beautiful in picture three on this post.
Way to be a foxy man-slayer.
the end.

Chief Momma said...

I too want to comment on how pretty you look in that picture. It's a good look for you. Thanks for the shout out. I remember well seeing you after you had gone swimming. You'd be soaking wet, and wearing a wool stocking hat (I know I've mentioned that before). I always thought that was so funny.